Retro Cool Has Arrived!

Retro Cool Has Arrived!

Welcome to the Sandy Feet Australia 2017/18 Collection, where the blissful lifestyle enjoyed by our Aussie kids marries with the retro cool of our Scandinavian design heritage. Sandy Feet Australia will have kids diving into summer in style!

Stylish graphic prints, retro stripes, and super cute toucans all feature in the gorgeous new Collection from one of Australia’s favourite kids swimwear designers. 

Sandy Feet Australia swimwear is simple yet stunning. Inspired by the stunning surrounding of our Noosa coast line, we have a swimwear range sporting our trademark vivid colours and bold designs.  We select only the highest quality material, in comfortable age appropriate designs, perfectly suited to active youngsters. Most importantly, in our climate and with our lifestyle, Sandy Feet Australia swimwear offer UPF50+ protection that lasts.

This latest collection says retro-cool.  It’s a stylish mix and match range with Anita describing her design philosophy for the upcoming season, “The new collection offers a perfect opportunity to have some fun and select mismatched but coordinated graphics and prints – giving your kids a playful but stylish look, plus the advantage of being able to add additional garments piece by piece as the season progresses or as the need arises.”

Significantly, all Sandy Feet Australia kids swimwear is UPF50+, Chlorine Proof, Quick Dry and won’t fade or stretch over time. Children in Australia spend more time in the sun and water than almost anywhere else in the world. The unique quality found in Sandy Feet garments means your swimwear will retain its UPF50+ value, shape and vibrancy no matter how often your kids use it.

Anita explains “A lot of swimwear now carries the UPF50+ tag.  However, the majority are not chlorine proof and the result is the UPF50+ protection is significantly downgraded as the material deteriorates.  Tests conducted by ARPANSA have shown our swimwear has maintained its UPF 50+ rating after 5 years of use. We are proud to guarantee our swimwear for 12 months, so parents know they are giving the best possible sun protection for their children at the outset, but also as the hot summer months roll on”.

The boys’ collection features a striking marlin motif, super-cool kombis, Noosa inspired whales on an icy blue background all matched with classic stripes.  It includes long and short sleeve rashies, board shorts, swimshorts and hats.

The girls’ collection comes alive with a stunning rainbow geo design, cool stripes, a bold retro-red leaf,  balanced by a softer mint pebble spiral and cute pink toucans which are sure to be a favourite.  It includes long and short sleeve rashies, swimsuits, bikinis, swimshorts and reversible bucket hats.

Sandy Feet is 100% Australian owned and operated, designed for play and made to last!


Kids Swimwear Retro Kombi

Retro Cool - Kombi Road Trip

As Australians, how can we not pay homage to the beloved Kombi van! It is everything we could've wished for and more. We had so much fun with this cool Kombi at our recent photo shoot for the new range that it got us thinking about the ultimate retro family holiday!

Australia has had a long love affair with the beloved Kombi since the first Volks Wagons arrived on our shores back in 1951. Australia was one of the first in the world to start the Volks Wagon owners Club. We had been bitten by the bug! In 1954 the Kombi was produced from complete knockdown kits out of a factory in Melbourne. With full Australian manufacture of both the Beetle and Kombi occurring from 1959 to 1968. We loved it for so many reasons but the main one of course that it enabled a lifestyle we adored. A lifestyle that was centred around surfing, travelling and friends. We’d gather a group of friends, throw the surfboards in and head for the coast. It was idyllic especially as our Australian shores staged perfect surf conditions. Some of the most popular surfing mecca’s of the time stretched along the NSW coastline from Bateman’s Bay to Byron Bay. Though no matter where you were as long as you were surfing you were living the dream. By the 1960’s Australia had fallen head over heels in love with surfing and the vehicle that could carry your trusty boards and mates. It didn’t get better than this. Freedom, friends, surfing, living …

A lot has changed since the sixties and thank goodness we are now more sun smart! You can still live the dream with companies hiring out kombi’s to recreate that magical retro family holiday. With a record breaking sale believed to have reached over $200,000 for an immaculately restored Kombi, its certainly a cheaper option! There are companies who now offer self drive holidays so you can throw in the kids, boards and of course your favourite sandy feet swimmers and head off to that favourite iconic beach holiday site to create some unforgettable experiences with your kids.

So checkout the Kombi hire options in the local area of your next holiday destination and consider a road trip, we guarantee you'll have lots of fun, our kids loved it!


A big thank you to Jenny and Michael at  Deluxe Kombi Service for sharing their passion with us.

Noosa Bushland

Go Bush in Winter - You Never Know What You Might Find!

Here at Sandy Feet Australia, we are passionate about enjoying the outdoors - not just in summer.  After spending time bushwalking in the school holidays, the team at Sandy Feet Australia  thought we'd share our experiences and provide you with some inspiration for enjoying the outdoors this winter.

We think winter is a great time to head for the hills and enjoy some of the diverse Australian bushland with the kids. The beautiful crisp mornings, fog igniting your every breath, morning frost spreading over the ground, the sun slowly rising, you feel alive. So put on an extra jumper, wrap a scarf around the kids and head outdoors for some adventure. You don’t have to embark on the “Great Trails” to enjoy bushwalking. Some of the most memorable adventures for kids are right on your doorstep. The key is to step into their world, lose time, any logic and allow yourself to fall down the rabbit hole. As you begin your bush walk the kids might be a little reluctant until…you stop, look down and notice an animal foot print on the track. Sure it may look like a paw print from a dog, but look again, is it? Could it be a wild dog, dingo, a wombat or maybe a small marsupial fossicking for food, or perhaps it’s that elusive Australian drop bear. Allow your imagination to run wild and watch as the kids unravel theirs. Kids are naturally curious, all you have to do is plant the seed and they will do the rest. Bushwalking isn’t a race, a test or a challenge it is simply adventure and the kids will love it. And if they love it, chances are, you will too. Soak up the atmosphere, smell the Australian bush, search for local wildlife from insects and butterflies to wallabies with joeys, there is bound to be a creature making a home somewhere around you. It’s a treat to allow ourselves to simply be present in the moment. Enjoy whatever it is that your adventure shares with you. Who knows what your will discover, I hear there’s a mysterious black panther on the loose…!

If your looking for some practical advice to get started, the people at OUTDORIA, and Our Global Adventures, provide some great tips for bushwalking with the kids.

Swimwear Sun Safe Beach

Sun Protection An International Issue

Whilst it’s true that Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, skin cancer including melanoma is still a serious health concern in many other parts of the world. 

Here at Sandy Feet Australia, we are passionate about making it easier for parents all around the world to protect their children from the damaging effects of UV radiation, not just here in Australia. With many parts of the northern hemisphere gearing up for summer (even if it’s just the promise of a holiday in the sun!), I think it’s important to remind ourselves about the importance of sun protection no matter where we live. I have been talking to my friends in both the UK and the USA about sun protection and the message is always the same: ‘I know this is important in Australia, but it’s not the same for us, we don’t really need to worry about rash guards for our children’. This prompted me to take a closer look at the issue of skin cancer in both these countries, and what I discovered may surprise you.

 According to Cancer Research UK :

  • There were around 15,400 new cases of melanoma skin cancer in the UK in 2014, that’s 42 cases diagnosed every day.
  • Melanoma skin cancer is the fifth most common cancer in the UK (2014).
  • 1 in 54 people will be diagnosed with malignant melanoma during their lifetime.

According to The Skin Cancer Foundation in the US:

  • One person dies of melanoma every hour (every 54 minutes).1
  • An estimated 87,110 new cases of invasive melanoma will be diagnosed in the U.S. in 2017
  • An estimated 9,730 people will die of the disease in 2017.1

There are some facts about skin cancer that remain true across the world.  Firstly, the vast majority of skin cancers are caused by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, in fact studies have shown that getting a sunburn just once every two years can triple the risk of melanoma.4   Secondly your best form of defence is to protect yourself while in the sun by wearing UPF50+ sunscreen, wearing sun protective clothing (including sunglasses) and seeking shade when the UV levels are at their highest. 

Whilst covering up in the sun can seem like a hassle at times, and the allure of the perfect tan is tempting, as a cancer survivor myself, who has had to face the reality of a potentially life threatening diagnosis, undertaken both radiotherapy and chemotherapy – I would opt for prevention over cure any day!


  1. Cancer Facts and Figures 2017. American Cancer Society.  http://www.cancer.org/acs/groups/content/@editorial/documents/document/acspc-048738.pdf. Accessed January 10, 2017.
  2. Dennis LK, VanBeek MJ, Freeman LEB, Smith BJ, Dawson D V., Coughlin JA. Sunburns and risk of cutaneous melanoma, does age matter: a comprehensive meta-analysis. Ann Epidemiol. 2008;18(8):614-627. doi:10.1016/j.annepidem.2008.04.006.Sunburns.

Ideal Swimwear Christmas Gift

The Ideal Christmas Gift

Christmas in Australia is all about sun, sand and fun in the water, making sun safe swimwear an ideal Christmas gift.  Whether you are heading to the beach or hanging by the pool this Christmas you can’t go wrong with a stylish UPF50+ outfit from Sandy Feet Australia.

Things to consider when buying your kids swimwear this year:

  • Is it SunSmart? Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, and most of that damage is done in early childhood.  Always look for swimwear that has a UPF50+ rating and offers good coverage to protect your children from damaging UV while enjoying the beach or the pool.
  • Is it high quality? Not all swimwear is equal.  Most people are not aware that many swimwear fabrics start to lose their sun protection as soon as they are exposed to sun, salt, sand and chlorine?  So make sure you choose swimwear that is long lasting and won’t deteriorate over time.  It may cost a little more to begin with but it will be worth it in the long run.  You may also want to consider how easy it is to care for, I for one do not have time to hand wash the kid’s swimwear!
  • Is it comfortable and practical for the kids? Are they able to explore, swim and play in comfort?  No one wants the summer to be about an ongoing fight with our children to wear their Rash shirt.  So make sure you choose relaxed fit garments that dry quickly and are easy to get on and off.
  • Vivid colours, bold designs. Gone are the days when choosing sun safe options means giving up on style for your little ones.  Be on the lookout for vivid colours and bold designs that you’ll both love and will have them looking cool on the beach or at the pool this summer.

Sandy Feet Australia offers a range of kid’s swimwear that is Designed for Play and Made to Last.  Our unique retro-Scandinavian designs are all UPF50+, 100% chlorine proof, quick drying, and won’t fade or stretch.  Sandy Feet Australia’s unique fabric has been tested by ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) and has been shown to maintain its UPF50+ rating for at least 5 years.   Available in sizes 2-12.