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Protecting our kids from the sun is extremely important. Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world. We also have more coastline per capita than anywhere else in the world. We want to make enjoying swimming, the beach and outdoors responsibly, fun, easy and SunSafe for both parents and children.

The longer we are exposed to the sun’s Ultra Violet Radiation (UVR) the greater the risk of melanoma and premature aging later in life. Your children’s soft skin is particularly vulnerable. Swimwear, Rashies and other clothing that are UPF50+ offer better protection against the sun than sunscreens. Read more about sun protection and how to take the best pre cautions on the Cancer Council website.

Sandy Feet Australia Swimwear and Rashies offers customers:

Highest Quality SunSafe UPF 50+ Fabrics that offer long lasting protection from the sun

Our swimwear and rashies have been tested by and meet the strict criteria of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) -  the Australian government's primary authority on sun radiation protection. In fact our rashies have been tested and proven to maintain their UPF rating for a minimum of 5 years. Visit the ARPANSA website for more information on UPF.

Chlorine Proof vs Chlorine Resistant

Our swimwear and rashies unique fabrics not only provide UPF50+ sun protection but unsurpassed quality that will not deteriorate in chlorine. Other swimwear and rashies made from Lycra and Elastane fabrics will break down in chlorine eventually – even when chlorine resistant. This significantly diminishes its sun protection value. 

Effortless Style designed to "Let Kids be Kids"

Unique retro Scandinavian inspired swimwear designs. Fun, playful prints and vivid colours, in swimwear designs that are age appropriate and offer maximum comfort for your child at the beach or the pool. The whole swimwear range is designed to mix and match, making coming up with a stylish swimwear outfit for the pool or beach child's play!

Mix and Match Sizing For The Best Fit

At Sandy Feet Australia, we understand that there is no such thing as a standard size. We also know that just because you are a size 8 top does not mean you are a size 8 bottom. That's why our entire swimwear and rashie ranges are available as separates to ensure your child gets the best fit for them. For more information on our swimwear sizes please refer to our Size Guide.

Easy Care

Our swimwear products are lightweight, quick drying, do not fade, lose their shape or trap sand in the fabric. They can be machine washed in cold water - no need to hand wash your swimmers. Read more about caring for your Sandy Feet Australia swimwear and rashies here.

12 Month Swimwear Replacement Guarantee

Sandy Feet Australia swimwear fabrics will not fade in the sun, stretch or lose their UPF50+ value over time. We back our workmanship with a 12 month replacement guarantee – read more about our product guarantee here.