Dugong Tales

Francoise Lane is a Torres Strait Islander woman whose maternal family are from Kerriri and are descendants of the Meriam and Kaurareg people of the Torres Strait Islands. Francoise is an interior designer, textile designer and artist describing her work as straddling the intersection between design and art including exhibition curation and leading creative art projects. Her work is inspired by family, connection to country and the plants and animals of Tropical Queensland.


Story That Inspired Dugong Tales: 

"Dugong is a traditional food source of the Torres Strait Islander people. My earliest memories of dugongs was as a toddler and being on the beach after my uncles had been hunting and speared one in preparation for feasting. I remember feeling sad and crying that the dugong had been killed. I have eaten dugong meat at feastings (Islander celebrations) and likened the taste to pork. Also known as sea cows dugongs feed on seagrass. I think they are beautiful creatures and especially like seeing a calf with its mother." Francoise Lane

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