Squiddy Tales Reversible Bucket Hat

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We've got you covered this summer from head to toe! This bold and vivid squiddy design is part of our 'Sea Tales Collection', a series of limited edition designs from Indigenous Artist Francoise Lane. Our swim hats are a must have for any beach or pool outing, and with our adjustable chin strap you can be sure it will stay in place. Mix and match across the entire 'Sea Tales Collection' for an effortlessly cool, sun safe outfit.
  • Limited release designs by Indigenous Artist Francoise Lane
  • Unisex Designs
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • 100% chlorine proof, long lasting and hard wearing
  • Detachable chin strap plus removable garment care and sizing tags makes our hats truly reversible
  • Adjustable chin strap with non-removable toggle to keep the hat in place
  • Quick dry, will not fade or lose shape

Hat Sizing:

  • Small is 53cm, and suitable for 2-5 yr olds
  • Medium is 55cm, and suitable for 5-8 yr olds
  • Large is 58cm, and suitable for 8yrs +

Story behind the design:

"Squids…a beautiful translucent and graceful creature with…ahh black ink and memories of it all over my face! One wet season night on Engineers Wharf on Thursday Island (Torres Strait Islands) I celebrated as my husband hooked his first squid. Being a mainland Islander I had yet to experience the spraying of the ink. I was oblivious to the youngsters and my husband stepping away from the bucket as I leaned over to view squid. I was baptized by squid ink that night to the delight of the young ones also fishing during the midnight hours. On another occasion whilst snorkelling on the reef I was studied by a school of some 12 squid. Initially they were hard to spot being translucent creatures. They were observing me like a larger less graceful squiddy thing worth calling in the family to look at. All the while I was thinking of how much my family would love to eat these swimming calamaries!"  Francoise Lane

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